NRB Relic is hard at work making the new Collector bag line that will have something for everyone. Here is a look at the first bag in this new line to give you a idea of what is coming....

This messenger bag holds 7 Vinylmations or collectibles. The front of the bag flap showcases one of your favorite collectibles and under the bag flap there are 6 additional windows that showcase 6 other collectibles. Each pouch that holds your collectibles has velcro to keep the pouch closed and hold your collectibles in place. The bag also has velcro to keep it closed keeping the thing you want to carry inside like wallets, cameras, and much more safe inside the bag and there is a long adjustable across the body strap making it perfect for all ages. This collector bag is made with high quality fabric and Vinyl. 

You can also purchase additional removable inserts that can make it so your Collector Bag can hold up to 31 Vinylmations or collectibles. (The removable inserts are sold separately.)

Also when you buy this bag you will get one entry in the NRB Relic Amazing Giveaway.

Messenger Bag & Inserts