New Collector Bag Preview....

Are you ready to see some previews of the new must have Collector Vinylmation Bag fabrics. Below you will see your favorite characters on fabric with different solid Vinyl fabric.

The Collector Vinylmation Bag line come in Messenger Bags, Petite and Backpacks.

We have many other designs coming out soon. For example we will have another backpack design. 

Below you can check out all the new fabrics.

We will be adding more fabrics very soon.

Bag Code: PATF 
Vinyl Color: Lime Green or Pink

Bag Code: CA
Vinyl Color: Black or Red

Bag Code: MH
Vinyl Color: Black, Red, Blue or Burgundy

Bag Code: PS
Vinyl Color: Black, Red, Brown or Burgundy

Bag Code: BL
Vinyl Color: Black, Blue or Red

Bag Code: SWB
Vinyl Color: Black or Blue 

Bag Code: SWC
Vinyl Color: Black, Red or Blue 

We are taking special orders for the new fabrics so order your new bag today by click here.

Please send the information below in your special order email so we can get your order done as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Bag Code:                                                               
Vinyl Fabric Color:                                                
How many you want of that design:                       

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