Arr, Matey! Pirates Disney Infinity Bag

Arr, Matey! A pirates designer Disney Infinity Bag just for you. Designed by NRB Relic. Open your pirates designer Disney Infinity Bag to see your treasures on the inside. Unzip your display/trade/storage bag to reveal the removable display inserts that not only shows your collection beautifully but keeps them safe and secure in a velcro secured pocket..! There is plenty of room to carry your Infinity system and additional inserts (holds up to 62 power discs) for when your disc collection grows..! And more EXCITING NEWS we have designed a figure case (which can be custom made to match your disc bag) coming very soon..!!

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Also taking custom orders for Cars, Hunted Mansion, Women Villains, Tinker Bell, Princesses, Monsters University, Star Wars, Marvel and so much more..!!