NRB Relics piece will be in Group 2 auction: July 7-10

The 2nd annual Wounded Warrior Project


"A History of Bravery and Sacrifice" is what this 9" Vinylmation is named. Nanette painted the Gettysburg address on the front of the Vinylmation, and she also painted names from the Vietnam Memorial wall, as many as she could fit, on the side of the Vinyl. This piece is one that someone would have to appreciate in person. The attention to detail is incredible. Nanette made a custom base that reads "Here Rests in Honored Glory an American Soldier Known but to God" on both sides. The draped flag, boots, news paper, military bag, grapes and the ink bottle and feather were all molded with clay. Base measures 9 1/2" Long x 7" Wide x 4" tall. - post written by Sabrina from Mission Mouse

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